Just some June Bunko Pictures...

Thanks Natasha for such a fun night! You did a great job hosting!

**Heather- you should use the top picture for our header since it has everyone in it!!**

Heather's Baby Boy Has Arrived

Austin Aaron Jenson
Saturday - MAY 15th 2010
8:25 am - 6 pounds 11 ounces - 18 1/2 inches
Daddy and big sister are thrilled, Mommy and baby are doing great!
Hey Ladies....

May bunko will be
Thursday May 20th
@ 6pm
@ the PVTH clubhouse!

See ya' there!

Mardi Gras Bunko

In April I hosted Bunko and decided to do a Murder Mystery dinner in conjunction with our Game. The theme was "As the Beads Drop" Murder at the Mardi Gras. It was a really fun theme to try with bright colors, good southern food, and a little mystery!
Trena and Suze getting some grub
I wanted to make some real Southern Food for the Mardi Gras theme but most everything was a little out there. So I decided to tone it down a bit and stick with some classics but put a southern twist on them. We had a Creamy Tomatoe Bisque, Shrimp Fettuccine Alfredo, Southern Spinach Salad and for dessert the classic Chocolate Doberge Cake.
During Dinner we played a mini Murder Mystery game with a Mardi Gras Theme. Everyone had a character to play and a few people bit the dust as expected. Everyone guessed and then we revealed that SUZANNE (aka - Sabine Doriocourt) the PA at the local Hospital, was the Murderer at the end of the night. It was so much fun!
I played Madeline Broussard the Mardi Gras Queen & wore my sister Holly's mask that she brought home from Venice for our game.
The grand prize winner was Suz and she got a movie package with The Sherlock Holmes DVD, a Movie pass and some candy, Amanda won second place and got the game CLUE, and Trena won 3rd place and got an I SPY game and a movie pass. Brittany discovered who the murder was and received an Alfred Hitchcock DVD collection.
Every received a goody bag with a Blue Bayou Bunko Jazz CD Mix, some Mardi Gras beads and a Mask. The night was a blast! I sure love hanging with my Bunko Girls!

April Bunko

April Bunko will be held on Thursday the 13th - 7 pm at Heather's house. We will be playing a quick Murder Mystery Party during our Mardi Gras themed dinner. It will be a blast! Please come on time if you can! Can't wait! :)

P.S. I still need money from Jocelyn, Angie and whoever is taking our extra space. Just bring it the night of. Thanks!

March Bunko

March Bunko was a cooking theme at Bri's house and it was awesome! Thank you for the yummy food and fun at your new house!
I just had to post a picture of the awesome Aprons that she made too! It was a fabulous night!

January Bunko Recipe's

Sorry this has taken me so long, ladies!
Most of you have probably forgotten about these!
Anyway, here are the recipes for the breakfast casserole and danish.

Ham and Egg Casserole:

1 dozen eggs
1/2 tsp salt
2 c sour cream
Dash pepper
2 c shredded cheese
1 1/2 c cubed, cooked ham

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Beat eggs, sour cream, salt and pepper until foamy.
Fold in ham and 1 1/2 c cheese. Pour mixture into 9x13 pan. Top with remaining cheese. Bake for 40 minutes.

Breakfast Danish:

2 (8 oz) pkg of cream cheese
1 c sugar
2 pkg of crescent rolls
1 egg yolk (save whites)
1 tsp vanilla

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Spread 1 package of rolls on bottom of 9x13 pan. Mix cream cheese, sugar egg yolk and vanilla. Spread cream cheese mixture over bottom layer of rolls. Top with the second pkg of rolls. Beat egg whites and spread it over the top of rolls. Bake for 30 minutes.

Glaze: combine 1 cup powdered sugar and enough milk to make a glaze.
Drizzle over hot danish.